What research says about food?

Eating a certain amounts of different types of foods is very important. Different types of foods help our bodies do different things. Below is a list of the five food groups. The descriptions tell you how many servings you should eat daily and what they help your body do.

Protein: Proteins help build strong muscles and helps your body rebuild tissue. 2-3 servings

Vegetables: Vegetables give your body necessary vitamins and nutrients that help your body grow and stay healthy. 3-5 servings

Dairy: Dairy helps your body build strong bones. 2-3 servings

Grain: Grains give you energy. 6-11 servings

Fruits: Fruits give you nutrients and vitamins as well. They also can be good sources of fiber which helps with digestion. 2-4 servings

Fats: Foods with lots of fat or sugar in them can cause weight gain and make you feel sluggish. Eat sparingly!

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So how much is a serving?

It is a good question. Many people eat food everyday without even thinking about the size of the portions that they are eating. A portion is the amount of a type of food that you eat. Portions can be smaller or larger than a serving. For example, a serving of chicken is about the size of your fist or a card from a deck of cards. However, some people may eat about two fists worth of chicken in one meal, meaning they have had two servings. It is important to notice that a portion may be worth more than one serving because it helps us keep better track of exactly how much we are eating.

Serving sizes:

Protein- the size of your fist, the size of a card from a deck of cards

Vegetables- about the size of a computer mouse, ex. 1 potato

Dairy- about the size of a domino when eating cheese, one glass of milk, one yogurt cup

Fruit- the size of a baseball; ex. 1 apple

Grain- about one cup of rice,pasta, or cereal; one piece of bread; about the size of a CD

Fats- It depends on what the food is. A small candy bar is about one serving. A sugary drink may be two servings. Use the nutrition label to see how many servings is in what you are eating.

Look at the images below and see if you can guess what type of food it is and which picture shows a single serving. On a piece of paper tell me how you knew the answer for each question. Use complete sentences to explain your answer.

Example Answer: It is a fruit. I think that the one orange is a serving because it is about the size of a baseball.
Oranges are fruits. I know that it isn't the bag of oranges because that's too many to be only one serving.

1. apple-full2.jpg john_kuhn_k1017_5_johnathan_apples_small.jpg

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